EDM Machining

Mastersons Manufacturing Corp. specializes in wire EDM machining.We currently have 12 EDM machines and are adding even more to our inventory. With so many EDM machines, we can provide our customers faster parts machining times and can handle larger quantities when required.

Sodick EDM #2

Wire EDM is process whereby a wire typically .006 inch to .008 inch in diameter is electrically charged at a very high voltage and used to cut precision shapes in prismatic components. The wire is passes from one spool to another and is guided by an upper and lower guide as it cuts.

There are numerous advantages to wire EDM machining such as the ability to cut very precisely, cut nearly square internal corners and cut tapers that would be virtually impossible to cut otherwise. For example, the upper guide and lower guide can move independently thus cutting one geometric pattern on tap of a part and another geometry on the bottom of the part.

EDM cutting3



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